Things you need to know 

  • Be aware that variations in colour are an unavoidable part of printing, as there are so many contributing factors that impact the process. That said; we will apply our years of experience and endeavour to provide you with the end product you expect.


  • We use a wide variety of printing processes when producing your orders and some items can be produced on different machines to achieve a similar end result. To improve workflow, we may use a digital press to create an A3 poster on 200gsm paper stock for you; another time we may add your order to the wide format machine running a 200 gsm satin paper. The order you receive will have a similar specification, but will look different. If you need a product to match a previous order, please let us know and we will, where possible, run it the same as before.


  • We try and use the same substrates from our known supplier list to help with product uniformity, but if a particular media isn’t available, a supplier is running a promotion on another suitable product, or there is another substrate we like the look of and want to try, we may choose a different item in place of it. This is at our discretion and may be done without notice either as a permanent or temporary change. If you need a specific base for your product, the responsibility is on you to ask us what we are using at that time and the availability of any other product if required.


  • The substrates we print on to each have their own characteristics and receive ink differently; therefore the same file printed on to different products will look different. It should be clear that a quality gloss vinyl will print showing more vibrant colours than a quality matte paper or canvas, which will absorb more of the ink and look less punchy but still classy non-the-less.


  • If you need to achieve the same colours from order to order we advise you have a sample of your artwork printed to check the result each time you place an order. Understand we in no way guarantee an exact colour match, though it will give an indication of how your print will turn out. There will be a charge for this service and if you chose to do this, print work will not continue until the prints have been checked in person at our print studio. We will not make a decision for you. The responsibility is yours, as the customer.


  • Inks and toners for our machinery may be slightly different when replaced, though ‘within manufacturers tolerances’ and even if artwork is reprinted on the same machine there could be a noticeable difference and this could impact your end product.


  • Monitors and screens display in the RGB colour spectrum. Most digital printing equipment print in the CMYK colour spectrum. This means the image you see on a backlit RGB screen will look different once printed.


  • For the best results save your work in CMYK format before sending it to us, with any specific colour profiles and fonts embedded. PDF works best for us and 300dpi is the minimum resolution we recommend for images at 100% scale. A lower resolution may be suitable for a large format print where it is to be viewed from a distance. Pixelation may be visible if these minimum requirements aren’t met.


  • Understand what is meant by bleeds and gutters before you create your artwork. We have templates available in our downloads section to help you. If you need any further help on this topic then please contact us.


  • If we have supplied bespoke and/or personalised items we will not allow any returns unless there is a problem with the printing process which is our fault. If you receive your item and something is misspelled or in the wrong place and the error is on your artwork this will be down to you.


  • If you ordered garments from us and when you receive them you find they are the wrong size we will not allow a return. If you notice the size is wrong after the order is placed but before we have printed the garments we may allow a return but a restocking fee will be added to your invoice total and if we need to order in additional stock to complete your order a special order fee may also apply. A size guide from the garment supplier is available on request.


  • When placing a print order allow for shortages and imperfections. We will always try to exceed your expectations but infrequently your order may be short or there may be imperfections on a print. We can’t scrutinise every sheet of paper that runs through our machines or scrap a large banner because of a spec of dirt. These are expected and accepted in the print industry, from time to time things happen which are out of our control.


  • We generally work to a time frame of 7 working days for most items. Some may be processed sooner while other items may take longer. If you have a time scale you need to meet please let us know at the time of placing your order and we will be in a position to advise you of a time scale and whether your proposed time frame is achievable. If we agree to a requested time frame we will do all we can to meet it. If however for some reason we can’t meet the expected deadline then we will not be held liable for any losses caused.


  • When processing your order we will assume you have authority and permission from any license holder for any supplied artwork. We will not be held responsible for any breech of copyright for supplied artwork.


  • Orders placed will not be processed on a weekend or bank holiday. We value our family time and would appreciate it if you value our family time too.

  • If you place an order it is presumed that you have read, understood and agree to all our policies and terms and conditions..

Revised 05.09.2019