Unicorn Gift Mug

Everybody loves a unicorn and we all know someone who is just that bit more glamourous or extravagent than those around them.


Why not show just how awesome they are by comparing them to others in their office / job / village!


We can change the text for the 'horse' to say what you desire be it another job title or persons name etc.


Print options available are:-

1 side - unicorn and horse both visable on one side of the mug other side of the mug left blank.

2 sides - unicorn and horse both visable from both sides of the mug.

Wraparound - horse showing from one side and unicorn showing on the other side of the mug.


We use 10 oz Durham style mugs for all our mug items. with a high glaze finish.
The finished product is produced using a sublimation process. 

Sublimation as a production technique is relatively simple. It’s the chemical process which separates it from any other form of digital printing. When sublimation inks are heated, they turn into a gas and form a permanent bond to items that have a polymer coating. The ink molecules revert to a solid state upon cooling. The result is a premium full colour, photographic quality image that will not crack, peel or wash away from the substrate.


Our mugs are microwaveable and dishwasher friendly, though we recommend hand washing your mug to ensure colourfastness and the best life of the image. 

Please note. Some of the images we use are representitive of our designs.
In this instance our mugs have a small handle as shown in the image of the unprinted mug.

Unicorn Gift Mug